Florian Klingler

Dr. rer. nat., Professurvertreter (Substitute Professor), Paderborn University


Written Exams

None scheduled.

Oral Exams

Oral exams are scheduled on a per-request basis. To receive an appointment please follow the steps outlined on the “Registering for Examinations” page of the computer science department.

In particular, make sure to:

  1. select a time slot from the list below; if you need to cancel or change the examination date:
    • let your examiner know (just cancelling the registration in PAUL is not sufficient to achieve this).
    • note that, following the rules of the examination committee, we may only re-schedule your exam in the next examination period.
  2. register for the exam in PAUL, then
  3. use your university email address to compose a message containing the following information
    • IMT login
    • name (as stored in PAUL)
    • matriculation No. (Matrikelnummer)
    • module and course name
    • language of the exam
    • preferred time slot (see below)
    • alternative time slots
  4. send this message to your examiner

Time Slots

Exams are scheduled on a per-demand basis.